Strategic planning

We uphold the principle of "quality first, service first, customer first" business philosophy to uphold the principle of "quality first, service first, customer first".

The next five years will focus on "deep color fiber field, expand the new fiber" to start work. "So deep, so refined, so special" as the fundamental, strategic layout adjustment in the "small quantities", "high-profile", "special products", "new product" spare the article, with particular emphasis on the color of innovation, technology environmental protection, promotion and other social responsibility.

Enterprises will strengthen the promotion of new products, do some of the themes of each quarter new fibers and yarns will plant, fabric companies together, the product to the world.

“A five-year business by the boss, ten companies by the team, a hundred years of enterprises rely on culture. "Therefore, enterprises will further improve staff cohesion and solidarity, to further clarify the company's strategic planning, to lay a solid foundation for centuries gallop. Bellmer the goal is 2020, so the top three color fiber field, focus on the era of unrest, national strategic planning layout, will be able to realize the dream of leading the colored fibers.